HELM setup

The Elassandra Operator and Elassandra datacenters can be easily installed using HELM 2 (HELM 3 is not currently supported).

HELM Install

Install HELM 2 in your kubernetes cluster:

kubectl create serviceaccount --namespace kube-system tiller
kubectl create clusterrolebinding tiller-cluster-rule --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=kube-system:tiller
helm init --wait --service-account tiller

For more information, see the HELM 2 website, and apply Best practices for securing HELM and Tiller.

HELM repository

Add the Strapdata HELM 2 repository

helm repo add strapdata https://charts.strapdata.com

In order to update the Strapdata HELM repository

helm repo update strapdata


To quickly switch between Kubernetes contexts and namespaces, you can use kubectx and kubens.